Special Packages

Royalton Luxury Resorts has carefully curated a selection of packages to help make the most of your vacation experience. Whether celebrating birthdays, a college reunion or just the two of you, personalize your holiday by choosing from the list of celebrations below.

Balinese Beds

Balinese Bed | $15 CUC                                                                           Balinese Bed with Freixenet Cava | $25 CUC

Balinese Bed with food and drinks | $20 CUC                                         Balinese Bed with Moët & Chandon | $75 CUC

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Lobster Dinner

Savor masterfully prepared Caribbean rock lobster during an exclusive dining experience you won’t have back home.

*Visit the Front Desk for more information and to reserve your special meal 

Private Dinners

For special occasions, indulge in luxury extras such as a private romantic or beach dinner.

*Visit the Front Desk for more information