Splash Safari

Royalton Riviera Cancun offers families the ultimate vacation experience at Splash Safari. Water spritzes and sprays to tame the tropical heat while your child plays on water slides shaped like friendly hippos, crocodiles and giraffes.  Hours of excitement await! Browse below for more information on the water features at this family-friendly watering hole.

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Tree Slides

Up the stairs and down the slide! How many times can you do it? This fun feature slide offers a short trip down into the refreshing wading pool.

Creature Slides

Climb the tiny little steps and slide right out of the mouth of best-loved safari animals! The perfect vacation photo for family and friends back home. Suggested caption: Hippos, crocs and turtles, oh my!

Lily Pad Waterfalls

Grab a little shade with your child as the refreshing water rains down. These water fountains also provide a little rest from the sun if you can’t get your child to leave the wading pool. But why would you?

Mushroom Waterfalls

These fun water spouts shower children in lots and lots of refreshing water! The perfect way to escape the sun behind a curtain of water these alone could bring plenty of enjoyment. Playing water tag? Under the mushroom is a safe zone!

Mountain Slides

To race, or not to race? That is the question. These short slides provide a little excitement for younger children, or for a little friendly competition among siblings and friends.

Pelican Bay Watering Hole

Wave hello to the pelicans or stand tall under the life-sized giraffe, this friendly watering hole is the perfect place to pick your favorite safari animal.

Crocodile Walk Way

First one to touch the water is out! Leap from section to section along this huge crocodile start to finish for a more exciting afternoon in the wading pool. 

Anaconda Arch

This giant sea serpent rests peacefully in the Pelican Bay watering hole. He’s here to make friends so wrap your arms around his big belly and give him a hug.