Royalton Fit - Personal Training 

Whether you want to make a lifestyle change or keep on track with your fitness routine, vacation shouldn't hold you back. With Royalton Fit's Personal Training program, you can get a private personal training experience with our elite fitness trainers or treat yourself to some true self-care with the perfect personal training and spa packages.

Fitness Professionals

Royalton Fit is led by industry professionals, George and Belinda Kiriakou, who have dedicated their lives to fitness, health, and well-being. These driven and motivational fitness professionals can help you develop your personal fitness goals, with custom training sessions and fitness evaluations ($). 

Custom Plans

Your road to fitness should be unique and personalized to your individual goals and abilities. With the understanding that every individual has unique fitness goals, we have included varying levels of fitness in our training program which are custom designed for you by our Royalton Fit Personal Trainers.

Creating the Perfect Balance

Vacation means something different to everyone. We're here to assist those who want to maintain their fitness goals and create new ones with the guidance of our dedicated professionals. Royalton Personal Training will transform your vacation into a wellness experience that leaves you returning home feeling stronger, more energized, and confident. 

Personal Training Menu

Fitness and Spa Menu

Luxury Fit Package

Create the perfect mix of relaxation and fitness with the Luxury Fit Package. Work your body to the core  then relax in world-class luxury and comfort with a royal massage. An excellent combination for the fitness enthusiast on vacation. 

  • *One Swedish massage 50 min rate
  • 50 Min Royalton Fit - Personal Training

Athletes Package

Do you push yourself harder than most? Is fitness a way of life? The Athlete’s Package is just what you’re looking for. Enjoy a demanding Royalton Fit Personal Training Session. Then enjoy a Regenerative or Athlete’s Massage.

  • *One Regenerative Massage 50 min or One Athletes Massage 50 min rate
  • 50 Min Royalton Fit Personal Training

Beauty Fit Package

We want all our guests to feel beautiful & fit. So we've created the ideal package for those looking to work hard and pamper themselves. Available to anyone looking for a special treat that will have them feeling good from the inside out.

  • *One Express Manicure + *One Express pedicure OR *One Soothing Facial 25 min OR *One Healthy Radiance Body Treatment 25 min
  • 50 Min Royalton FIT Personal Training

Beach Wellness Package

We have some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet at our Royalton Luxury Resorts. This is your chance to enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach as the sounds of waves lull you into a zen-like state of relaxation. 

  • *One Relaxing Beach Massage rate
  • 50 Min Royalton Fit Personal Training

Couples Zen Package

If you like to work out with your partner, the Couples Zen Package is perfect for you two. Enjoy an Aromatic Couple’s Massage and some two-on-one time with our personal trainer. 

  • *Aromatic Couples massage 50 min rate
  • 50 Min Couples Royalton Fit Personal Training

Couples Fit Package

A couple who works out together, stays together – that goes for relaxing together too. Enjoy best of both worlds with our Couples Fit Package where you and your +1 can enjoy a personal training session followed by an energizing Regenerative Couples Massage, the perfect way to start your vacation.

  • *Regenerative Couples massage 50 min
  • 50 Min Couples Royalton Fit Personal Training

*These packages are not honored with other promotions, discounts, coupons or resort credits. 


The Royal Spa and Royalton Fit Personal Training(PT) Services require 24-hour notice for cancellations. You may reschedule no less than 4 hours in advance or cancellation charges will be applied for 50% of the cost of treatments/service. Arriving late will reduce your treatment and service time. For SPA treatment, please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your service or 1 hour prior if you would like to enjoy the hydrotherapy circuit– please bring your bathing suit. For Royalton Fit PT service, please wear appropriate workout wear and training shoes.