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In an innovative initiative aimed at raising the standards of hospitality education across the Caribbean, Blue Diamond Resorts and the West Indies School of Hospitality (WISH) have officially forged a strategic partnership. Starting in September 2023, this initiative will extend the benefits of a world-class learning program to members of the hotel management company and hospitality professionals, providing them with a valuable opportunity to enhance their skill sets.

“As the hospitality industry experiences rapid growth, attracting a rising number of travelers to the Caribbean's highly sought-after destinations the need for skilled teams capable of providing exceptional vacation experiences has become more crucial than ever," said Gaurav Sindhi, VP of Operations West Indies for Blue Diamond Resorts. “Our commitment to ongoing innovation, as exemplified by recent enhancements to our Diamond Club™ and Star Class™ room categories, hinges on the foundation of exceptional service. This partnership extends to nurturing Caribbean growth and empowering our staff.”

"Blue Diamond Resorts' commitment to enhancing access to education for its team members, as well as other hospitality workers throughout the region, speaks volumes about the brand's dedication to its guests but also to the thousands of Caribbean individuals employed in the hospitality industry," said Barry Collymore, Executive Chairman of Mount Cinnamon Resort and Founder of WISH. "We are focused on building peoples' skills and setting a very high-quality Caribbean standard that honors the Caribbean; whether that be allowing our natural friendliness to be part of our service ethos, or celebrating the rich produce available across each island," he added.

The program will provide international training and certification for both Caribbean citizens and global students aspiring to study in the Caribbean. This collaboration leverages WISH's acclaimed educational curriculum through their platform and harnesses Blue Diamond Resorts' all-inclusive hospitality expertise to enrich leadership and service training within the tourism sector. Courses span a wide breadth of topics, from Hospitality Management and Strategic Hospitality Marketing, to Analyzing Climate Change and the Global Food and Beverage System.

Established in 2021, the West Indies School of Hospitality has swiftly risen as a notable institution in hospitality education. Through its partnership with eCornell University and The Culinary Institute of America, it delivers a comprehensive curriculum with over 1,000 lessons via its On Demand platform. Building on its achievement of awarding over 1,000 scholarships to hospitality workers in 2022, WISH envisions a substantial increase in impact through this innovative partnership with Blue Diamond Resorts.

The collaboration between WISH and the renowned all-inclusive resort company sets the stage for an exceptional era of training and instruction in hospitality, propelling the Caribbean to a prominent position in global service and guest experiences.

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