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Blue Diamond Resorts, a renowned all-inclusive resort company celebrated for its tailored hospitality brands and exceptional guest experiences, is thrilled to announce substantial upgrades to its distinguished Diamond Club™ and Star Class™ room categories. These upgrades are currently offered across the Royalton Luxury Resorts and Planet Hollywood Beach Resorts portfolios and will be available to guests with bookings on or after October 1st, 2023. The introduction of these upgrades further emphasizes the company's unwavering commitment to delivering the utmost level of service and satisfaction to its valued guests.

Through meticulous attention to detail and dedication to exceeding expectations, Blue Diamond Resorts has prioritized the elevation of the guest experience across all regions and departments in response to desires and expectations of the today’s travelers. The enhancements will encompass significant improvements in Food & Beverages, In-Room Experience, and Guest Services, with a particular focus on the beloved Butler Services that have become synonymous with luxury and personalized attention.

"Blue Diamond Resorts has always been committed to setting the standard for excellence in the hospitality industry," said Jurgen Stutz, Senior Vice president of Sales, Marketing, Revenue and Distribution of Blue Diamond Resorts. "These exciting upgrades reflect our dedication to continuously improving our guests' experiences and ensuring their satisfaction remains unparalleled."

One of the highlights of the upgrades is the expansion of Blue Diamond Resorts' successful Butler Services. The company will increase the number of Butlers per resort, ensuring a higher level of personalized service for each guest. To enhance exclusivity and attention, the ratio of butlers to rooms will be increased, guaranteeing a truly personalized experience while creating more job opportunities in the region. An intensive training program for the Butlers will facilitate seamless interactions and provide personalized assistance throughout the duration of the guests' stay.

In addition to the enhanced Butler Services, Blue Diamond Resorts is broadening the selection of premium top-tier drinks and liquors available at all Diamond Club™ and Star Class™ bars throughout the resort, as well as designated lounges. This will provide guests with an unparalleled selection of the finest beverages, setting a new standard for luxury all-inclusive experiences. The culinary options for Diamond Club™ and Star Class™ guests will also be extended and enhanced, with dedicated breakfast restaurants and an upgraded room service experience that includes a new addition of wine and beer options.

Recognizing the importance of attention to detail, Blue Diamond Resorts is meticulously reviewing and updating all in-room amenities for Diamond Club™ and Star Class™ guests.

These significant upgrades to the Diamond Club™ and Star Class™ categories exemplify Blue Diamond Resorts' unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and satisfaction. Guests can anticipate a truly elevated and unforgettable experience, with personalized Butler Services, an extensive selection of premium beverages, and luxurious in-room amenities. Blue Diamond Resorts looks forward to welcoming discerning travelers and providing them with an unparalleled level of luxury and hospitality.

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