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Through its new destination video series, Blue Diamond Resorts unveils the hidden gems of the eight paradisiacal places where it operates, showcasing lush landscapes and pristine beaches. These videos capture the essence of each country, inspiring vacationers to embark on new adventures in the Caribbean while learning about the available luxury all-inclusive accommodation options.

“Each destination has its own charms, and we are eager to show them all, proving why we have chosen them as the right places to position our brands,” said Alejandro Rodriguez del Peon, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Blue Diamond Resorts. “We have an extensive property portfolio that is attractive enough for travelers of all ages, and their strategic locations are what make them a true getaway gem.”

Introduced by its commercial executives, the hotel management company features sought-after destinations in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia and Grenada. These destinations showcase their natural beauty, rich history, local traditions and things to do around their Royalton Luxury Resorts, Royalton CHIC Resorts, Hideaway at Royalton Resorts, Planet Hollywood Hotels & Resorts, Mystique by Royalton, Grand Lido Resorts, Starfish Resorts and Memories Resorts & Spa.

Blue Diamond Resorts is expanding its video series to include destinations like Cuba and Costa Rica, and encourages the most discerning travelers to explore the hidden gems behind each of its brands, offering a sneak peek of their next vacation. From exclusive havens to luxury spots unique to each property, guests can indulge in amenities such as Level 18 Rooftop Cabana Lounge and the CHIC Mansion at Royalton CHIC Resorts.

Check out Blue Diamond Resorts’ destination videos here. For more information visit