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Experience next-level wellness


It is more than just fitness facilities, it is a holistic entertainment program with a wellness approach, offering  cutting-edge cardio and weight amenities, outdoor courts, expert-led classes, personalized training, and immersive experiences to ignite your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestylewithin the all-inclusive package.

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Royalton Luxury Resorts provides state-of-the-art gyms, meticulously designed by fitness experts, akin to what guests experience at home. Our commitment is to offer guests the space and tools needed to maintain their fitness routines even while on vacation. With a range of top-of-the-line strength, cardio, and athletic training equipment, as well as cutting-edge All-In-Luxury fitness programs, Royalton Fit sets a new standard.

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Expert Instructors

Royalton Fit boasts a team of highly skilled instructors, each holding certifications and qualifications in their respective areas of expertise. Our instructors receive ongoing coaching from our Fitness leaders, ensuring adherence to a top-tier, standardized fitness curriculum. The Royalton Fit Program, led by these professionals, is intentionally crafted to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels.

Areas & Training Equipment

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Cardio & Endurance in Action

Cardiovascular Energy & Resistance

  • High-Powered Ellipticals
  • Elite Treadmills
  • State-of-the-Art Stationary Bikes
  • High-Performance Spinning
  • Innovative Climbing Machines
  • Integrated Private Entertainment
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Strength and Power

  • Variety of Dumbbells
  • High-Performance Bars
  • Premium CrossFit Area
  • Advanced Multifunctional Machines
  • Full-Body Pulley Training
  • Weight Training Zone

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  • Cutting-Edge Fitness Class Studio
  • Versatile, State-of-the-Art Fitness Equipment
  • Dynamic Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Classes
  • Inviting and Motivating Environment

Wellness Initatives

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Tennis & Pickleball

Tennis & Pickleball

Elevate your stay with outdoor tennis and basketball courts. Even more exciting, we're introducing pickleball courts in all our hotels, becoming the first chain to do so. We provide rackets and balls, and there's always a fitness coach on-site to assist you. Get ready for a thrilling, active getaway!




Swap the bar for a pool and dive into an exhilarating full-body workout under the sun with our invigorating AquaFit class. Exercising in the water minimizes injury risk and is gentle on your joints. This engaging workout combines strength-training, kickboxing, cardio, and abdominal exercises.

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Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga

Ideal for the Early Birds! Begin your vacation with the soothing sounds of the ocean and a fresh morning breeze, all while enjoying a blissful stretch. Join our invigorating sunrise yoga class to awaken your body and mind. Suitable for all fitness levels, and our instructor can provide modified movements for guests with injuries.

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Channel your inner fighter with these high-energy athletic kickboxing workouts, meticulously designed by professional fighters during their competition training. Experience a thorough full-body workout guided by expert technique and instruction. It's the perfect punch of energy to keep your spirits high, even during your vacation

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Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness

Guided by instructors, our workouts emphasize the development of athletic strength and conditioning, offering a mix of workout equipment and body-weight exercises. This 50-minute session is the pinnacle of full-body training within a moderate to high-intensity interval circuit. All fitness levels are welcome, and our instructor is available to provide modified movements for guests with injuries.


Fit Paradise Unleashed

“Royalton FIT exceeded my expectations. State-of-the-art fitness facilities, expert-led classes, and immersive wellness experiences make it a holistic haven for health enthusiasts.”
Sarah T.

Wellness Oasis

“An oasis of wellness with first-class facilities and a holistic approach. Ideal for those looking for an all-inclusive trip and want to stay healthy.”
Juan R.

Fitness Bliss Escape

“Royalton FIT is a fitness paradise with cutting-edge equipment and personalized training.”
Emily C.